Privacy Policy

` The Second Opinion Board of Physician [which this calls SOBOP hereinafter] Privacy Policy was updated on April 18, 2021. The words and phrases used in this Policy have the same meaning as in SOBOP’s Terms of Use. You can also find a list of definitions at the bottom of this Policy or if you still have questions, contact our In Charge of “Appeal Officer” as indicated below.


SOBOP Incorporation (“SOBOP”, “we”, “us”) uses some security protocols to protect the privacy of Users of the SOBOP’s website [SOBOP.COM, SOBOP.CA] and its related social medias including, SOBOP Social Network, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ticktack, Telegram, LinkedIn [hereinafter this calls SOBOPS’ Platforms], and the confidentiality of their Personal Information including Personal Health Information (collectively referred to together in this Privacy Policy as “Health Information”). When you have the consultation about the mentioned Healthcare Consulting Services at our website, your Personal Health Information (“PHI”) or Health information that is not specifically about you or your health might be asked.


The agreement between SOBOP and International Medical Graduates, International Physicians, or Local Physicians [Hereinafter calls Physician] providing only consulting services through the SOBOP’s website, and SOBOP’S related social medias, (SOBOP Physician Services Agreement) and the “Terms and Conditions” for the SOBOP.


Platforms supply the services that SOBOP provides to International or Local Non-Physician Specialists [hereinafter calls Specialists] and to Users, respectively. The agreement between SOBOP and Specialists through the SOBOP Platforms, (e.g., SOBOP Non-Physician Specialists Service Agreement) explain the services that SOBOP provides to Non-Physician Specialists.


This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) summarizes how SOBOP collects, uses, discloses, retains, disposes of, destroys, and protects Information as well as Data (information that does not identify an individual) while providing our services. We are committed to complying with this Policy and with applicable B.C. Privacy Act, and Canada Federal privacy legislation.


Note that this Policy does not apply to the collection, use, retention, disposal, destruction, and protection of Information by International or Local Physicians and International or Local Specialists. Physicians and Specialists are subject to privacy legislation and professional requirements that govern their management of Information, including Information they collect, use, and retain while providing services through the SOBOP Platforms. If you have an inquiry, question, and concern about SOBOPS’ Physicians or specialists, and your advisory sessions, please feel free to contact them.



Collecting and using Information

SOBOP collects and uses only required and necessary Information to provide the Consulting service. Sometimes, we may need your Personal Health Information for better outcome. We try our best to minimize our Information collection process. It is worthy to know that we do not record the audio or video portions of consulting sessions between Users and Physicians and between Users and Specialists through the SOBOP Platforms unless we have already received your permission.

As mentioned earlier, Physicians and Specialists are responsible for their collection, use, disclosure, retention, shredding, and protection of Information. As a result, the following description is an overview only of the use generally made of Information for the purpose of providing services through the SOBOP Platforms. A particular Physician or Non-Physician Specialists may or may not chose to collect or use Information as described below in connection with a particular interaction with a User.

Collecting Information Process

Physicians and Specialists gather, obtain, and use Information that you provide, by viewing the information that you have entered or uploaded to the SOBOP Platforms and by creating or compiling Information in the SOBOP Platforms. 

Your Information uploaded or entered during your registration, sign-in, Sign-up, sign-out, and submitting your request for a consultation, booking an appointment, during the consulting session including, Individual Consulting, Advisory Group, Hybrid Package, Smart Store, SOBOP Social Network, Quick Question, Pet Consulting, e-learning and Commission. 

 Usually, the collected or used Information includes the details that you provide in your request to get the services, such as Healthcare Consulting, E-learning, SOBOP Social Network, Quick Questions, Smart Store, Social Platforms, and information that you provided to register to use the SOBOP Platforms (e.g., Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Place of Residence, Telephone Number, Contact Address, and Email) to confirm your eligibility to receive the Services. Physicians and Specialists are constraint personally to act in accordance with privacy legislation applicable to providers of the Healthcare consulting Services.

SOBOP Platforms
  • We gather, obtain, and use your Information to register you, book an appointment, create your User Account, validate you when you sign-in and personalize your experience while using the SOBOP Platforms. We confirm your eligibility to use the SOBOP Platforms for Healthcare Consulting Services, E-Learning, Smart Store, Quick Questions, SOBOP Social Network by asking you to confirm your residential address and date of birth, cell phone that you provide when registering.


We normally do not need to collect your provincial health card number to invoice your Insurance company, Medical Service Plan or Health Plan. If it is needed, we ask you to provide us your consent first. 

  • You may choose to enter or upload, submit and save your Information in the SOBOP Platforms such as your health and medical records, and the name and contact information for your emergency contact.


  • When you are looking for Healthcare Consulting Services, you may also choose to enter or upload and save Information about individuals for whom you have the legal authority to make decisions regarding their healthcare and for whom you have created a profile by providing their first and last name, gender, and date of birth (each a “Registered Dependent”). We use their Information where appropriate and your claim of their relationship with you to confirm your competency to get Healthcare Consulting Services for them, and their merit to receive Healthcare Consulting Services.


We use Information that you enter, or upload, submit, or which is created as part of an interplay with a Physicians or Specialists to make it accessible to you when you get access your User Account.

We may use Information for anti-fraud, loss prevention purposes, and to go along with rules, regulatory and legal requirements.

We may use your Information to create, develop, operate, deliver, support and improve the SOBOP Platforms and their contents through the provided advertisement to you (SOBOP’s and third parties’) unless you have decided not to receive such advertising. 

Collecting Information for Your Consulting Services

Physicians and Specialists can collect and view, and review Information about you [or any dependent who registered by you] during a Consulting Services (e.g., verbally, or in texts, or audio, or video), or by entering, submitting, and uploading Information to the SOBOP Platforms. [by creating or assembling Information in the SOBOP Platforms].

Information that will be available to Physicians and Specialists includes the details that you provide in your healthcare  or other consultation request, Information you’ve given verbally, entered, submitted, or uploaded to profiles and medical records; information created during earlier interactions through the SOBOP Platforms with other Physicians and/or Specialists; the name, email address, phone number, gender and date of birth and province/territory, residential address, email that you provided when you registered; and your emergency contact’s name and other contact information. Physicians and Specialists use Information to provide you with Healthcare and other Consulting Services, as with any healthcare provider, must get along with the “B.C. Personal Information Protection Act “and subjects related to keeping patients’ medical records commitments.

Physicians and Specialists may get and create Information such as Consultation Report and other notes about your interplay with them through the SOBOP Platforms. They may send, forward, export, or print copies of your collected Information.

*SOBOP Platforms are not designed for any medical and Health emergency cases, and we are not responsible and not dealing with such an emergency purpose.

**In Case of an emergency, we highly recommend you immediately contact your local Family Physician or any emergency department [Like 9-1-1 in B.C. in Canada] in your home Countries or Cities.

Physicians and Specialists may but are not required to email or text your emergency contact if they believe that you are dealing with a medical emergency during a consultation. You are responsible for contacting your emergency contact(s) that you are providing their name and contact information to SOBOP and Physicians and Specialists. Moreover, you are responsible for getting any required consent from your emergency contact(s) for providing and using of their information in connection with the SOBOP Platforms.

Our Services

SOBOP provides the following services, Healthcare Consulting Services and e-Learning. 

Healthcare Consulting Services:

SOBOP Healthcare Consulting Services include Individual Consulting, Advisory Group, Hybrid Packages [Senile + Nutrition, Senile +Mental Health, Sports +Nutrition, Beauty +Mental Health, Beauty +Sport, Senile + Sport, Beauty +Nutrition, Nutrition +Mental Health, Beauty +Senile, Sport +Mental Health], Pet Consulting [Pet Food, Pet Mind, Pet Behaviour, Pet Aging, Pet Beauty, Pet Sport], Smart Store, and Quick Questions.

To request a Healthcare Consulting Service, you must provide us any appropriate symptoms relevant to your request. We help and assist your disclosure to the related Physicians or Specialists, along with age and gender to determine whether your request is competent. 

First, we normally through some security steps identify you [or a registered dependent by you, for whom you’re looking for the Healthcare Consulting Services]. 

Then, you can pick your desired Physician(s), or Specialist(s) from the available list, or just providing us your clear request.

Next, you book your appointment and after paying the invoiced amount, your request submitted to the appropriate person [Triage Processing Officer]. Once your appointment confirmed, Triage Processing Officer assign the Physician(s) or Specialist(s) to you.

 The SOBOP Platforms normally presents your provided Information, [Which they obtain through sign-in, sign up, appointment, and registration] to the Physicians or Specialists. These Information includes your name and, birth date, contacts, and content of your request, [or if applicable, the name of registered dependent for whom you’re seeking the consultation]. 

You can prohibit Physicians or Specialists to get access to your Information or Information of any registered dependent by you, in the SOBOP platforms.

  • SOBOP use Information that you may verbally provide, enter, submit, and upload to the SOBOP platforms, with services that you request us to perform on your behalf.


  • We use your contact Information to text or email to inform you about the scheduled appointment for your requested consultation services. For example, we inform you about the status of your Healthcare consultation service.


We may obtain and use your location data by using GPS technology and your IP address to ensure you are connected to a Physicians or Specialists.

We also use your IP address for some security purposes, e.g., like notifying you for any activity in your account setting.

E-Learning Service

SOBOP helps healthcare professionals and medical student to increase their evidence-based knowledge. This E-Learning service is not designed for public users.

First, Healthcare professionals must register at e-Learning service, then, their given Information should be validated by our security protocols, and Next, the access codes submit to them.

By registering, they accept to provide us some personal information, and submit their documents [e.g., A medical Photo ID, Medical Certificate, or Medical License]. In fact, by their registration, they give us their consent and permission to use Information.



 Smart Store Users:

When you are at SOBOP Smart Store, you can pick your desired products. If you needed any advice prior to purchase them, you can find the Quick Question link [] and ask your question to get an advice, or you may book an appointment with our Aesthetic Medicine Specialist or a Physician.

SOBOP normally do not identify you for shopping from SOBOP smart Store,

 Once the Physician or Specialist confirms the appropriateness of the selected product(s), an acknowledgment email or a text message submit to you, or an audio or a video call can be held. We use your provided Information to text or email to notify you about the requested services.

We may collect your location data using GPS technology and your IP address to support you in receiving services. We also use your IP address for security purposes, e.g., like presenting you with some information about your account activity in your account settings.

Updates and marketing:

From time to time, we may send you some service announcements, including policy updates, any updates to our Terms and Conditions, updated software, keep you posted on our latest products, and notifying you for any upcoming events that may be of interest to you or apply to you. You may reject to receive non-essential communications by Sign-in to your User Account and updating your preferences. Apparently, for more clarity, service announcements including updates to our policies and Terms and Conditions and software are not considered non-essential communications. 


Customer support

By sending an email, a fax, or completing a ‘contact us’ form on the SOBOP Platforms, we will collect, and use the name and contact information that you provide to us to respond to you.

We only permit our staffs to have access to Information to the extent necessary to perform their designated functions. We ask them to protect the Information and maintain its confidentiality by getting along with SOBOP policies, Terms and Conditions, procedures and applicable law.



Revealing Information

We will not reveal, sell, rent, share your Information with or to any third party excluding to emergency contacts, Physicians or Specialists, and in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements as set out in Privacy Policy, except with your consent, or to the extent necessary, in our good faith judgment, to: act in accordance with applicable laws or regulations, respond to a, order, or similar obligation to produce information; establish or exercise SOBOP’s legal rights or defend against legal claims; or investigate, detect, suppress, prevent or take action regarding illegal or prohibited activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the reputation or safety of any person. We may use or reveal your email address, but never personal Health Information to market a product or service, either directly, or indirectly through a service provider or partner that performs services on our behalf.

We may reveal Information for the purposes of the due diligence required for the completion of a transaction such as a assimilation, ownership, or asset sale. We will fulfill any applicable legal requirements, including notice requirements, that apply to such transactions.

Retaining and disposing of Information

On your behalf, we will only maintain some parts of your Information on the SOBOP Platforms, that they are necessary for the consultation services. We save them until such times as you or we close your user Account. You will receive a notice in advance if we need to terminate your account.

On termination, you can print or make copies of your Information subject to the following prior to termination. You will be required to request to get any access to records, made by a Physicians or a Specialists about your consultation, from your Physicians or Specialists, to ensure that Physicians and Specialists have any authority to prevent Information they put together in connection with Healthcare Consulting Services from patients under the law.

SOBOP is not the trustee of Information held on the SOBOP Platforms; rather it holds Information on behalf of Users or Physicians and Specialists. On termination of your User Account, once you have been given the opportunity to print or make copies of your Information, we will delete the Information associated with your User Account, except Information that a Physicians or Specialists advises us she/he requires in connection with a consultation or Informational Services the Physicians, or Specialists provided. In that cases, SOBOP will destroy the Information when the Physicians or Specialists has collected a copy or terminates user account with SOBOP.



Accessing and correcting Information

You can get access your Information [or that of your dependent who registered by you] and check that it is accurate, complete, and up to date by sign in to your user account.

You may update and edit any of your Information except your healthcare notes, or consultation records, which was created by Physicians or Specialists. 

Once you need to get an access or request the correction of your medical records, and consulting notes, contact the involved Physicians or Specialists.

Informational Services

You can access Information you provided in your request(s) for consulting services by signing- in to your user account at

Your choices

The SOBOP Platforms offers you functionality and choices for protecting your privacy which include:

  • You need to enter a strong password on your account to help ensure that only you can access your account. You need to use reCAPTCHA system protects your account from fraud and abuse. “Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to login, make purchases, view pages, or create accounts and fake users will be blocked.” [].


  • You may choose whether to use audio, chat, or video for interactions with Physicians and Specialists.


  • When you are looking for Healthcare Consulting Services, you may prohibit Information, e.g., consultation information, medical records, and notes from Physicians and/or Specialists. Please be mindful that Physicians and Specialists may be unable to provide you with Healthcare Consulting Services as a result.  Sometimes, they may advise you of the implications of your choice.


  • You may choose how to receive communications. You may pick an email or a text message.
  • You can check your log-in history when you access the SOBOP Platforms. Please contact us directly at for assistance with using the privacy functionality or with any questions about using the SOBOP Platforms. Additionally, you may contact us at any time to: stop receiving e-mails or other correspondence from us to view and editing Information, and close your user account. To keep your account privacy, we may request information to verify your identity when you contact us.

Security Protocols

SOBOP takes the security of your information seriously. We store your information in electronic format, using computer systems with restricted access. More generally, we have in place appropriate technological, and organizational security policiies to protect Information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access, use and disclosure. As mentioned, SOBOP Personnel are obligated to protect Information by adhering to our policies, practices, and applicable laws.

You also play an important role in protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your Information. For example:

  • By viewing SOBOP’s password format, create a strong and unique password for your user account, and update it periodically.
  • Do not share your user account or password with anyone. This is so important to know that we will never ask you for your password, including in any univited communication such as letters, phone calls, text messages or email messages, so please contact us if you receive such a request.
  • Do not keep your user account open, and Sign-out of your user account once you are finished using it, especially if you share your Device with anyone else.
  • Have a strong and unique password on your Device [e.g., Cell Phone, Laptop] as well.
  • Choose a private place from which to receive consultaion services from Physicians and Specialists. 

Collecting, using and sharing Data

SOBOP by assigning a unique code to every single user, we follow a process to prevent user’s personal identity from being disclosed Information on behalf of Physicians and Specialists.     

 [which calls De Identifie]. According to the Physicians, and Specialists agreement with SOBOP, they permit SOBOP to obtain, collect and use the resulting de-identified data for purposes that include: quality control activities designed to ensure use of the SOBOP Platforms in compliance with the SOBOP Physician Services Agreement,SOBOP Specialists Agreements,  and the Terms and Conditions; improving the SOBOP Platforms and more generally, the use of virtual consulting services; conducting academic research. Apparantly, we will not use Data to re-identify individuals.

SOBOP Social Network

SOBOP provides its own specific Social Network to create a virtual chatting environment for users. They can use their username and password to enter to this social network. Everybody can create her / his room and invite folks to join the room.

SOBOP has no responsibility and commitment about the issues, subjects, contents, advises, products, medications, supplements, cosmetic products, OTC products, or herbals, ingredients, lifestyles, nutrition, advantages, disadvantages, or any personal recommendations which are advised by users.

SOBOP can not validate the identity of users, and admins [excluding SOBOP admins].

 SOBOP highly recommend to users keep their password and Information safe. This is a serious issue about the Privacy Concerns and the security protocols of users, and We strongly recommend you do not share your information, medical records, notes, consultation report, with other users. Also we strongly ask the users do not advise to each other their personal experience, medications, treatment plans, nutritive ingredients, foods , and so on, etc.


Third Party Cookies and similar technologies

The SOBOP Platforms, email messages, and advertisements do not use “cookies” and other technologies. At times, we may use third parties such as ad exchanges and data companies to serve our advertisements on the SOBOP Platforms. These companies may also use cookies and other technologies to report certain information about your visits to the SOBOP Platforms and other websites to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and to deliver ads that are more relevant and tailored to you, both on and off our SOBOP Platforms. You can accept or decline their use of cookies. You can refuse cookies by turning them off or blocking them in your Internet browser. If you decide to turn off or block cookies, their platforms might not function correctly.

 By using the third parties of SOBOP Platforms, like advertisement exchanges and data companies, and not turning off cookies, you are consenting to their use for the purposes described in this Policy.

Third party websites, Links, and applications

The SOBOP Platforms may contain links to other websites that we do not own or operate. These links are not intended as an endorsement of or referral to the linked websites, or platforms. We strongly encourage you to review their specific privacy policies appropriately. This Policy does not apply to such linked pages or other sites, and we are not responsible for the content or practices of any linked websites or their operators which are provided solely for your convenience.

Policy changes

We publish the current version of our Policy at We reserve the right to amend SOBOP Policy at any time. Check back often to ensure you are aware of our current practices for collecting, using, disclosing, retaining, destroying, and protecting Information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about SBOP privacy practices, please contact our Appeal Officer. Please include your name and contact information if you would like us to respond to you.

SOBOP Incorporation

230- 150 Esplanade W, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1A3

Tel; +1-604-973-1809




  • “International or Local Physician” means a physician who is registered to practice medicine in his / her home country, and a Local Physician means a physician who is registered to practice medicine in a Province or Territory of Canada, meets SOBOP’s other criteria, and is permitted to provide Healthcare Consulting Services through the SOBOP Platforms without applying directly to any prescription, or any physical, or any clinical procedures and Treatment interventions.
  • “International or Local Specialists” means an independent, regulated health professional (e.g., a psychotherapist or a nurse) registered to provide healthcare in his or her home country or in a Province or Territory of Canada, meets SOBOP’s other criteria, and is permitted to provide Healthcare Consulting Services and/or Informational Services through the SOBOP Platforms without applying directly to any prescription, or any physical, or any clinical procedures and Treatment interventions.
  • “Data” means information collected or compiled through the SOBOP Platforms which has been de-identified.
  • “Device” means a mobile, Laptop, or desktop device owned or controlled by a user and used to access SOBOP Physician Services.
  • “Health Care Consultation” means any observation, communications, virtual examination, assessment, care, service, or reviewing the result, health notes, medical report of the previous procedures that are provided by a physician or a non-physician healthcare provider to an individual to diagnose, or maintain the individual’s physical or mental condition, to prevent disease or injury to the individual, or to promote the individual’s health to provide some advisory consultation.
  • “Healthcare Consulting Services” means the provision of Health Care by a Physicians or a Specialists through the SOBOP Platforms.
  • “SOBOP Platforms” means the hardware, software, applications, websites, social medias, content, products, and services owned and/or operated by SOBOP, which include the software that enables Physicians and Specialists to provide Healthcare Consulting Services, Quick Questions, Smart Store, E-Learning, SOBOP Social Network to Authorized users. “Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual which is not personal health information and which is collected, created, compiled, used, disclosed or otherwise transmitted and/or saved on or by means of the SOBOP Platforms.
  • “Personnel” in relation to SOBOP, means its employees and agents including independent contractors and sub-contractors, for whom SOBOP is responsible at law.
  • “PHI” or “personal health information” means information about an individual’s health or healthcare that is subject to Privacy Law and that is collected, created, compiled, used, disclosed, or otherwise transmitted and/or stored on or by means of the SOBOP Platforms.
  • “Privacy Law” means the applicable legislation governing the collection, use, disclosure, and/or protection of PHI in the Province or Territory in which a user resides.
  • “User” means an individual who has registered and created a SOBOP user account in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and is thereby eligible to receive Healthcare Consulting Services and/Quick Questions, Purchasing from Smart Store, Attending in SOBOP Social Network through the SOBOP Platforms.