Hybrid Packages


Nutrition is about eating a healthy and balanced diet, so your body gets the nutrients it needs, regardless of age. However, as you age, your body may need fewer calories. However, still, you have to get the vital nutrients every day so that your body can function properly and lessen your risk of developing chronic health conditions. SOBOP specialists will come to your aid to consult you with your dietary habits and give you a healthy diet based on your requirements. Older people need to receive suitably and nutritious food every day! Our nutritionists will provide you with a healthy diet.

• Eating Enough
• Enough Nutrients
• Healthy Weight
• Diabetes & Heart Disease
• Balanced Diet
• Smelling & Tasting


Elders have various mental and emotional challenges such as dementia, depression, grief, and anxiety that come with advancing age. However, many try to hide their discomfort or symptoms, feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or weak for not taking better care of themselves. SOBOP online counseling will provide assessments to help identify issues in the elderly. Likewise, we can help you and your loved ones navigate confusing or uncomfortable changes, emotions, and concerns that develop during the aging process.

• Dementia
• Depression
• Loneliness
• Anxiety
• Well-being
• Health Promotion


Eating a balanced amount of fat, carbohydrate, and protein has an essential role in playing sports at your best. Typically, following an approved Food Guide is an initiative to ensure you are getting the daily requirements. When physically active, your body will use up more calories. SOBOP can help you either with weight control or find more food you need to replace the extra energy used. SOBOP provides you the latest update about “Food Sport” to guide you appropriately.

• Eating for Exercise
• Eating for Strength
• Vegetarian Athlete
• Eating for Competition
• Anaerobic exercise
• Aerobic Exercise


Beauty is in the Mind of the Beholder. The brain is such a good beauty detector that it can judge the appeal of a face before you are aware you’ve ever seen one. So, be beautiful or as beautiful as you can. You are more beautiful than you think and you can do to make your face a reward. Among benefits, attractiveness invites people to learn what you are made of, in other respects than just genetic fitness. SOBOP provides a variety of mental health consulting to you for looking attractive and beautiful.

• Look Healthy
• Look Beautiful
• Beauty in mind
• Attractiveness
• Life Satisfaction
• Beauty Perception


Exercise and physical activity have a very positive effect on beauty and body health. All physical activities increase blood circulation and reduce stress. Our experts in the field of beauty and sports will help you in this regard. In this package, you can get advice on physical activity and workouts that make your skin and hair more beautiful. Likewise, physical activity counseling to achieve the desired weight is another important service of this package.

• Weight Loss
• Weight Gain
• Beauty Therapy
• Rehabilitation
• Bodily Aches
• Bodily Pains


Everyone needs to do physical activities suitable for his/her age, and elders are not exempt. Studies show that proper and full-body workouts for elders can efficiently create balance and help to prevent falls, which can be a severe matter for people as they become older and increase strengths, and overall health. SOBOP sport professionals, in collaboration with elder experts, can recommend the best physical activities suitable for your age and your condition so you could stay healthy, immune, and energetic!

• Fitness
• Aging Health
• Correct Exercise
• Proper Workout
• Immune System
• Physical Problem

Beauty + Nutrition

Your diet plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and beautiful. Many people have realized that beauty and youthfulness come from inner health associated with proper dietary habits. Nowadays, beauty therapists need to consider the client’s nutritional habits and have an awareness of nutrition to advise clients efficiently. SOBOP consultants advise you to stay healthy due to your dietary choices and look your best appearance.

• Aging & Diet
• Dietary Habits
• Food Safety
• Healthy Balanced Diet
• Dietary Supplements
• Nutrition Awareness


Eating a selection of foods that meet your daily nutritional needs can help you improve your physical and mental health. When you are feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to food to lift your spirits. However, the sugary, high-calorie treats that many people resort to having negative consequences of their own. Thus, you may wonder whether any healthy foods can improve your mood. It is important to note that many factors, such as nutritional deficiencies, can influence attitude. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine whether food can raise your spirits accurately. SOBOP can help you to explore what you eat and how you feel.

• Mental Wellbeing
• Healthy Mood
• More Energy
• Brain Health
• Stable Mood
• Relaxation

Beauty + SENILE

Looking beautiful goes beyond the age of a person. Our bodies undergo noticeable biological changes when we age. Skin becomes thinner, dryer, and susceptible to lots of skin diseases, and it urges us to adopt a beauty care routine to maintain healthy skin. SOBOP offers consulting and skincare packages to groups and individuals to prepare them for their elderly life and certain conditions they may have.

• Skin Problems
• Skin Care Tips
• Hair & Skin disease
• New Technology in Skin Care
• Skin Barrier Function
• Skin Changes


Sports psychology is no longer a well-kept secret. It seems everyone in sports uses this mind coach, at the very minimum, to avoid falling behind their competitors. Indeed, working with a sport psychology consultant can give you the winning edge. SOBOP offers a variety of services to individuals and groups that provide the skills and insight to be successful in your desired field and life.

• Mental Coaching
• Mental Trainer
• Sport Psychologist
• Individual mental training
• Group Mental Training
• Individual Professional Athletes