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(Second Opinion Board Of Physician)

SOBOP is your “SMART CHOICE” for providing the health counseling services, smart e-store, and healthcare e-learning programs.

Almost two years ago, we were fascinated by the idea of providing virtual health counseling services globally through a real, professional, and organized team of experts. This idea motivated us to build up this innovative Startup business. We realized there is no better way than the virtual space to bring the most required counseling services under an umbrella term of SOBOP.
We are committed to providing you with so best-of-company services, with a focus on equity, equality, accessibility, innovation, and unrivaled customer services.
We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Faramarz Rafie M.D.


Vision ,Mission


SOBOP will be one of the leading platforms in providing a second opinion, counseling, and instructive content in the Canadian health industry and help every Canadian make confidential health decisions by accessing a group of physicians, receiving informative tips, and making a smart choice in the next five years.


Our mission is to create a secure, convenient, and accessible platform to facilitate the process of receiving group or individual counseling, and accessing informative content, and buying in a smart store to help you live a comfortable life. Our mission is to have easy and safe access to specialists individually and in groups, scientific content, and health products for health issues to have a more comfortable life.