Second Opinion Board of Physicians


“Smart Choice”



Psychological counseling in the field of marriage, relationship improvement, child-rearing, child and adolescent psychology, couple therapy, anxiety and depression, sexual issues, self-confidence, and so forth.


Nutrition counseling in various fields of sports supplements, weight loss and gain, children, senile, special diet programs for pregnancy and lactation periods.


Sometimes, the actual source of pain is unknown. A team of specialists is with you to identify and diagnose the vague pain.


Consulting in the field of physical health for the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of musculoskeletal system injuries such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc., as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.


Medical advice for the elderly in the field of physical and mental problems, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, hearing disorders, cognitive deficits, feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, feelings of loneliness, and so forth.


Medical advice in the field of skin and hair diseases; skin, hair, and nail freshness; pimples on the face and body, resistant spots on the face, hair loss, scars and wounds, infections and skin cancers, types of skin warts, burns and so forth.


our specialists consider your symptoms and advice a second opinion about women & girl disease, missed periods, birth control, pregnancy problems, and so on.


Our specialties advise parents about Common child health issues and disease. A group of physicians considers both physical and mental problems.


With SOBOP, you can take the best care of your pet. You can consult with our experienced veterinarians about your pet’s Nutrition, Exercise, Beauty, Aging, and Mental Health.

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SOBOP is your “SMART CHOICE” for providing the health counseling services, smart e-store, and healthcare e-learning programs.

Almost two years ago, we were fascinated by the idea of providing virtual health counseling services globally, through a real, professional, and organized team of experts. This idea motivated us to build up this innovative Startup business. We realized there is no better way than the virtual space to bring the most required counseling services under an umbrella term of SOBOP.


We are committed to provide you with so best-of-company services, with a focus on equity, equality, accessibility, innovation, and unrivaled customer services.
We hope, you enjoy our services, as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                      Faramarz Rafiei M.D.


  • Access Experienced Doctors
  • Saving Time
  • Comfortable & Convenient
  • Comprehensive Medical Services
  • Flexible and Affordable Price

  • Improved Workflow
  • Updated Medical Knowledge
  • Cut Down on Readmissions
  • Healthcare Quality
  • Learn from Experience
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Health Ambassadors

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Everyone tries to improve healthcare knowledge, whether the client is a doctor or a patient. SOBOP has made it possible for the client to access experience-based information in the service of e-Learning. So do not miss the experience of learning and promoting the knowledge interactively.
As a physician, the client can update the information through e-learning programs.
By watching the relevant videos, a patient increases her awareness about the prevention and treatment of physical and mental issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can use of SOBOP services?

Anyone is seeking medical counseling services related to the Mental Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Sport and Senile matters, primarily related issues to Covid-19

Can I get advice on other issues besides the five identified issues?

Our focus is on the five major issues: mental health, beauty, nutrition, sport, and senile. Other subjects add to our services in the future.

How to become a SOBOP qualified Physician?

You are required to meet SOBOP requirements. By submitting the application form, this process starts.


What are the physicians' requirements to join SOBOP?

You can go through the following link to get them.

Is there any facility for second language speaker?

SOBOP services are provided Either in English or French, depending on the user. If you are a second language speaker, you need to submit your request through “Quick Question” and we will try to assign you an interpreter. Obviously, there is an additional cost.

What if my problem is not due to COVID-19 and I wanted to get some support from SOBOP offered services!

SOBOP provides consultancy services about the recent Covid-19 pandemic, while it will take care of the other issues.

Why is it wise to get a Second Opinion from the online medical counseling services of SOBOP?

Physicians have different approaches to diseases; as a matter of fact, online doctors of SOBOP can provide you more information to help you to figure out your condition correctly; because of no location boundaries and convenient access to these services, you have an opportunity to acknowledged about more treatment options.

How long does it take to become consulted?

It depends on the requested one.

Normally, your basic requirements will be answered instantly through a quick question. [SOBOP-Quick Question].

Whenever you wonder about using offline counseling packages, by submitting the text- message or your voice to the selected physician, you can receive your answer shortly[www.SOBOP-offlinepackage].

Depending on the scheduled plan, online consultation and Second Opinion services provide in the booking.

Who makes the final decision?

SOBOP physicians will only advise you properly, and if you let them, they can share it with your Family Physician. You are supposed to receive your prescription from your local Family Physician. Ultimately, you can make your decision.

What are SOBOP free consultations?

Quick Question is a free of charge service. You have get an access to the price list here www.SOBOP-pricelist.

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